Remarkable New Homes & Remodels Evolve from Our Proven Process

Paradise Homes takes a different approach when it comes to house plans; Brisbane and area clients deserve to be kept up to speed throughout every stage of the development and implementation of their house designs. After all, it will be they who pay for and eventually live in the house that we build or remodel. Throughout our years of experience providing people with award-winning house designs and building the houses of which Brisbane and area residents have always dreamt, we have perfected a process that benefits both our clients and our team. The key to this process is transparency and open communication throughout every stage, from the creation of house designs to the exciting moment where we hand over the keys to a new home.

You would think that when a person hires a company like our own to provide them with house plans and to build their home, that they would be intimately involved throughout every stage of the process. The sad reality is that when it comes to house designs, Brisbane and area residents are often kept in the dark, only asked for their opinion when it comes to choosing minor details like paint colours. At Paradise Homes, however, we ensure that our clients are actively involved from the point at which we begin to create the designs and plans for their homes, to choosing the colours, materials and finer details and even ensuring construction meets their standards of approval with organised building site visits. Guaranteeing our clients are completely satisfied and excited to live in their new or remodelled house was our motivation for developing this process in the beginning!

Just take what Margaret, satisfied owner of the Taragindi project completed by Paradise Homes, had to say about their involvement with the design of their house:

"We wanted a view from every room on the top floor; we wanted a kitchen bench that the whole family could fit around and share in food preparation and partying, because no matter what, the party always ends up around the kitchen bench! We wanted to be able to sit in the swimming pool and watch the Boxing Day Test; I wanted to be able to watch television in the bath and lastly we wanted to be able to house guests downstairs when they visited."(visit our ‘New Homes' page to see how successful we were in meeting their requirements)

If you live or are planning to live in Brisbane or a suburb in Queensland, choose the experienced team whose top priority is to provide you with outstanding custom house designs for new or remodelled homes and a finished product that exceeds expectations. We want you to be intimately and passionately involved in the design of your house, whether it's in the heart of Brisbane or a quiet outlying suburb.

Contact us at (07) 3391 0766 to learn more about our team and the process that has led to the creation of award-winning house designs and countless satisfied customers throughout Brisbane and beyond.