St. Lucia

About the Project

After extensive research online, Steve felt that the architectural style of Paradise Homes, with their clean lines and unique 'pavilion' concept, was compatible with the couple's wish for a luxurious sense of space together with more intimate private 'zones'. After checking the BSA builders' database and finding Paradise Home's record was entirely blemish-free, he called Chief Designer Anthony Jaensch. After a preliminary chat, Steve realised they were on the same wavelength and that was that!

Being a long, narrow block on a steep, sloping site meant building was going to be tricky. Steve and Laura wanted to take advantage of the site's northern aspect, breezes, and mature surrounding trees. Their brief also specified the home take full advantage of the elevation in the street, and let the beauty of the leafy St Lucia environs flow inside, giving them discrete spaces with the flexibility of a second semi-independent living area.

Anthony was able to meet their brief in spades, creating clever building solutions and optimising the block for orientation. Paradise Homes handled the design process very efficiently, even though most of the designing occurred with the clients overseas in Hong Kong, as Steve explains, "Anthony was superb in this process. He has an eye for detail, as you'd expect of a designer of his experience, but also a vision for how surfaces will synthesise in the finished product."

The completed home steps up through the site to thoughtfully distribute the spaces according to their use and orientation which left no wasted area on the site. The house has three levels of living - a guest bedroom/ensuite, main living level with two bedrooms and the owners' level with the master bedroom and study. The garage comprises the lowest level and has two car spaces. Because outdoor living was a priority, Steve was happy to acquiesce to Laura's demand - "we've got to have a pool!"

The pool is like an extra room, an additional play space which also adds an aesthetic appeal to the home. Looking at the pool from the living room, master bedroom or dining area, one gets a sense of the water being unframed by the vaulted ceilings of these rooms. Because of the ceiling height, Anthony suggested the deployment of bulkheads to define key spaces. The kitchen is a good example. There is also a lot of cross ventilation and large expanses of sliding glass doors. Paradise Homes also suggested the use of semi-frameless glass all the way around the decks and it certainly adds to the amount of natural light the home enjoys. Anthony also proposed the angles in the roofline because he thought they would be both eye-catching and practical, as they allow the downpipes and stormwater drains to be hidden from view. Building with Paradise Homes includes the services of an interior designer and colour coordinator. Saving Steve and Laura agonising from a distance, the excellent connections Paradise Homes has in the tiling, flooring and cabinetry trades meant the owners could refer to specialists in these key areas without having to actually source them.

"Paradise Homes requires credit for taking on the complexity of our job. Many builders have since told me that with its access issues and the slope of the block, our build was both a complex task and logistical challenge. But they brought the project in on time and on budget and we were in the house exactly as planned." How many people building homes can say that?