The Pavilion

About the Project

No matter what your situation Paradise Homes can design a pavilion to accommodate the immediate and ongoing needs of your family home. When designing the pavilion for you we consider not just your brief, site and budget, but also the many unforseen items that can cause delays and cost blow-outs.

A full analysis of the site is the very first and most important item that needs to be considered.

Q. How is the property zoned?
Q. Are there council restrictions on what you can build?
Q. What influence do the neighbouring properties have on your block - privacy, outlook, shading, breezes?
Q. What is the best orientation to maximise passive thermal design for your home?
Q. With a slope, what are the restrictions or possibilities?
Q. Is there overland flow through your site?
Q. What are the flood risks and levels that need to be maintained?
Q. Are there any easements over the site?
All these questions and more are the starting point for us to start thoroughly exploring the possibilities for you.


The complete solution.

  • We control every aspect of the process.
  • Design, document and build.
  • Consultants include colours, lighting and smartwiring.

Time efficient when compared with renovating or building new. You can stay in the house while the work is being completed. Much more cost effective than renovating. Fixed price contract. Fixed contract time.