About the Project

For this project, the young family wanted to seamlessly remodel their traditional Queenslander by modernising the existing home for extra space requirements. Most importantly the integrity of the original home needed to be maintained and enhanced. The clients had previously worked with us, so had the confidence immediately to allow us to design and reconfigure both levels of the house. The configuration of living down and bedroom up allows their Queenslander to be more responsive to the sub-tropical climate. The living areas are cooler during the long hot months and have a much better connection with external spaces. The bedrooms on the upper level create a buffer to the heat during the day and are easily cooled down with afternoon breezes.

Entry to the home is via a lower level verandah through an oversized timber pivot door. Formal and informal spaces were both incorporated on the lower level. A formal dining area was created to make dinner more of an event. The casual spaces are more free flowing and allow connection to the Covered Sala, pool and yard spaces. The Sala space was extremely critical in linking the home with the pool and yard and is a central focus to the casual living of the home. A pizza oven, a dining space, a sitting area and also a billiard table were all accommodated under the roofed Sala. As the climate in South East Queensland is ideally suited to external living, the Sala creates the style of living that is harmonious with Brisbane.

The upper level has four bedrooms (2 ensuited) and a play space for their girls. The girls bedroom both directly access their bathroom. The project has respectfully reinvented the traditional Queenslander for a more relevant style of modern family living in Brisbane.